深圳市华美外国语学校的战略定位是特色化、国际化、品牌化,秉承“以学生为中心”的全人教育理念,坚持“和美教育”的办学思想。作为校长, 我将带领我的团队,努力践行先进的教育理念, 加强家校合作,携手共进,努力将孩子培养成中国魂的世界公民,国际化的全球精英。

       The strategic positioning of Huamei Foreign Language School is to be distinctive, international and brand- oriented, adhering to the philosophy of "student- centered" whole-person education and the idea of "harmony education". As the principal, I will lead my team to practice advanced educational philosophy, strengthen home-school cooperation, and work together to develop children into global citizens with Chinese souls and internationalized global elites.

       学校将构建 IB 理念下的中西融合课程。在坚守国家课程的基础上,根据学段特点和学生的兴趣特长,小学部、初中部融合 IB 国际课程的优质元素,采取 PYP-UOI 超学科探究和 PBL 跨学科项目式学习方式;高中部(培训部)开设 A-Level、Keystone、IFD、DSE 等不同类型的课程。根据不同层次的学生,采用不同程度的中文和英文教学, 让每一个孩子在原有的基础上获得最好的发展。

       The school will build an integrated Chinese and Western curriculum under the IB concept. On the basis of adhering to the national curriculum and according to the characteristics of school sections and students' interests and strengths, the primary and junior high school sections integrate the high-quality elements of the IB international curriculum and adopt the PYP- UOI trans-disciplinary inquiry and PBL project-based learning approach; the senior high school section growth, and achieve deep integration with the IB curriculum. We will guide teachers to be loyal to the Party's educational cause, love education, care for students, and respect their choices, while exploring students' potential and motivating them to be active and master learners. In addition,we'll encourage students to actively participate in CAS activities and strive to develop their independence, cooperation and inquiry skills.

       加强教师的培训和培养,建立共同成长的学习型社区,实现与 IB 课程的深度融合。引导老师忠诚党的教育事业,热爱教育、关爱学生,尊重学生的选择,同时发掘学生潜能,激励学生积极进取,成为学习的主人。鼓励学生积极参加 CAS 活动,努力培养学生自主、合作、探究能力。

       The school will strengthen teacher training and development, build a learning community for shared and careers", and strive to implement the philosophy of "Rooted in China,Blooming around the world ". Every student will strive to become a confident and brave pioneer of the world and a happy person with a colorful life in arts and sports, so that they can go to the world with confidence and ease, and eventually become a global citizen with Chinese soul and an internationalized global elite.

结合 IB 课程国际文凭学习者培养目标要求, 帮助学生最终成为“积极探究的人,知识渊博的人, 勤于思考的人,善于交流的人,坚持原则的人, 胸襟开阔的人,懂得关爱的人,勇于尝试的人, 及时反思的人,全面发展的人。”

In combination with the requirements of the IB Diploma learner development goals, we aim to help students eventually become "inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, reflective, and balanced."


It is believed that under the influence of "harmonious education", students will be inspired to be conscious of their lives, "establish rules, morals, aspirations(training section) offers different types of courses such as A-Level, Keystone, IFD and DSE. According to different levels of students, different Chinese and English teaching are used, so that each child can get the best development based on the original foundation.